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Our state-of-the-art pharmacy at your doorstep!

Get Oyster & Pearl Hospital’s trusted pharmacy products delivered to your door in no time

The pharmacy at Oyster & Pearl Hospital aims to provide outstanding patient care by optimising use of medication while ensuring patient safety. Our commitment extends to the timely delivery of medicines and assortments by despatching our pharmaceutical products at your doorstep.

At our pharmacy, you can be assured of receiving only the best service by qualified pharmacists who provide you with quality medication and care.

Digital thermometer
Rs. 295/-
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Non contact thermometer
Rs. 2495/-
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Rs. 1290/-
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Rs. 2750/-
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Breast pumps
Rs. 3000/-
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Moisturising soaps & lotions
Rs. 55/-
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Rs. 490/-
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Rs. 370/-
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Rs. 530/-
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