Safety and Precautions

Safety and Precautions

At ONP, we believe every patient who walks through our doors has the right to a safe treatment experience. We go the extra mile in ensuring that they receive care based on the highest safety standards at par with the best across the world. We have equipped ourselves with training, technology and protocols that prevent and reduce risks, and are timely, integrated and efficient.

By constantly understanding our patient’s needs, and involving them, we have devised a set of initiatives based on international standards of safety protocols that help us deliver a safe as well as high quality treatment experience to every patient, every single day, every single time. To ensure successful implementation of our patient safety strategies, we do periodical reviews and audits for each of these processes and protocols and we also invest considerable amount of time and effort in training our employees extensively, all the while keeping the feedback from patients and doctors as the key driver.

Global Standard Operating Procedures

We follow advanced standard operating procedures laid down by top global health advisory bodies including WHO, NHS, UK & RCOG, UK. These procedures help us in achieving a unique level of patient care that is focused, safe and replicable. In fact, we have a reputation for ‘zero’ medical and surgical mishaps.

Enhanced Surgical Safety

At ONP, we focus on reducing infections, complications and failures during the surgical procedures. Our surgeons and sta use tools such as surgical safety checklist to keep track of vital pre & post-operative parameters to keep our patients safe and out of danger.

NICU Safety

We are equipped with separate NICUs for inborn and outborn babies with dedicated staff for each. The entire staff is trained to adhere to transmission-based precautions and safety protocols.

We ensure each baby has his/her own medical equipment including stethoscope, sanitiser, thermometer, incubators etc. to prevent infections. Any baby with suspected infection is placed in an incubator with 1:1 care irrespective of the baby’s condition. These eorts have led to us achieving less than 1% newborn mortality.

Stringent Infection control
Medication safety
Patient Identification protocols
Monitoring of transfusion of blood & blood products
NABH Accreditation
Nursing Training Programmes
Medical Equipment Management
Medical Emergency Management

Our Specialized Team

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