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Good businesses
have healthy employees

Corporate Healthcare at Oyster & Pearl hospital

Gift your employees the goodness of holistic wellness. Avail Oyster & Pearl Hospital corporate healthcare packages designed to diagnose different conditions of different age groups, so your health benefits can extend to your employees’ families as well.

Why should you care
About your employee's health
  • Your employees’ health affects their productivity at work
  • Healthcare packages offered at the workplace improves employee morale and loyalty
  • Prevention of diseases can prevent absenteeism and improves enthusiasm for work
  • Prevent work related stress and its effects in the early stages

Choose from the following healthcare packages:


Reap the rewards of having healthy employees work for you. Find out more about the packages offered.

Doctor training

Oyster & Pearl Hospital is an epicentre for National and International Level Academic events in Ortho surgeries subscribed by more than 600 surgeons throughout India and abroad. Through these events, live surgeries and demonstrations are showcased to large audiences with briefings and annotations. We also offer Fellowship Programs in reproductive medicine. Doctors train under the versatile Dr. Avinash Phadnis, Director of Oyster & Pearl Hosptial.

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Calling doctors like you to join us

Oyster & Pearl Hospital is subscribed by 600 surgeons and doctors throughout India for its academic events. We call upon doctors like you to join us in the betterment of the health and wellbeing of people.

Participate in Oyster & Pearl Hospital’s journey towards making our society a healthier and a better one.

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Clinical Trials

To encourage clinical research, Oyster & Pearl hospital has formed an Institutional Ethics Committee as per revised schedule 'Y' (Jan. 2005).It has been registered under DCGI as per Rule 122 DD of schedule 'Y' in the year 2013.

The composition of IEC is multidisciplinary and multisectorial as per ICMR guidelines for human participants (2006). This committee reviews every research proposal before initiation of the study in formal meetings for possible risks to the participants with proper justification. Ethics Committee ensures that the SMOs/CROs strictly follow the rules laid by DCGI time to time.

We invite SMOs, CROs and Pharmaceutical Companies to join hands with us in conducting clinical trials at Oyster and Pearl Hospitals.

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