Definite cost Infinite care Presenting the first fixed rate maternity package
Pay the same cost for normal or Caesarean delivery - just
Rs. 29,999/-

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What is M.O.M ?
Driven by a simple philosophy – Definite cost and infinite care
One price for both normal or Caesarean delivery - just Rs. 29,999
First fixed rate maternity package
An initiative by Oyster & Pearl Hospital, the pioneers in women & childcare
And a pleasant delivery that you will always cherish
For the mother -
  • Stay for 2 nights & 3 days
  • Delivery medicine kit
  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Professional charges as per SOC
For the newborn -
In case a patient wants to enroll for an antenatal package while choosing a package under MOM programme, a substantial discount will be offered. The antenatal package includes:
  • Delivery attendance
  • Pediatrician visit
  • Vitamin K and vaccination at birth that includes BCG, Hep B and OPV
Leave your safety and that of your baby’s in the hands of experts at Oyster & Pearl Hospital. Experience the joy of giving birth to your precious little one & leave the rest to us.
Avail the M.O.M plan today!
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*- Additionally, high-risk patients/medical complications are liable to pay extra amount in the range of Rs. 2500 to Rs. 8000.
Note: Maternity Insured Delivery cannot be a part of the package.
High risk patients / Complications :
  • Maternal age more than 36 years
  • Twin (multiple) pregnancy
  • Heart disease
  • HIV / Hbs Ag in pregnancy
  • Diabetes & high blood pressure
  • Infectious disease during pregnancy
  • Anaemia in pregnancy
  • Other delivery related complications
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