Skilled plastic surgeons at ONP Hospital provide a wide range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services.

One of the best ways to decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with one of our experts. During this first consultation, you will discuss your goals and expectations. Your doctor will also:

  • Review your complete medical history (including past and current medications)
  • Evaluate the part of your body that you want treated
  • Give recommendations
  • Answer all your questions

In addition, as you consider your decision, ask to see before-and-after photographs of patients who have undergone procedures, discuss with the doctor any medical conditions that could affect your procedure’s outcomes, consider the benefits and risks, as well as the timeline for returning to work or social activities. You should leave your first visit with a clear idea of the options available to you, as well as any risks involved. ONP Hospitals is the best plastic surgery hospital in pune with a dedicated plastic and reconstructive surgery department staffed by surgeons with specialized training and skills in one or more of the following surgical sub specialties:

  • Nose shaping
  • Breast implant
  • Breast reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Face lift

Our Specialized Team

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