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11 May 17

When a woman is pregnant, everybody around her has their two cents to chip in regarding what to do and what not to do. However, as a would-be mother who wants to ensure that the pregnancy goes in the utmost smooth manner, you need to trust only the most valid source.

With a legacy of six decades, Oyster & Pearl Hospitals provide exemplary mother and child care services, and ensure that your pregnancy is the most memorable part of your motherhood. Here goes a list of pregnancy don’ts to take into account:

1. You should NOT lift heavy objects
When it comes to practicing proper care for pregnant women, it is imperative that they exercise caution while lifting heavy items. This can lead to an increased risk of premature labour and low birth weight. Ask for assistance each time you are in such a situation.

2. You should NOT wear high heels
Despite the myths surrounding this one, you should avoid wearing high heels while pregnant. Although they don’t pose a health hazard during your initial months of pregnancy, there’s always a chance that you might become less steady on your heels, thereby, tripping and falling.

3. You should NOT consume over-the-counter drugs
They may be safe for non-pregnant women, but over-the-counter drugs can cause devastating effects to your baby while you’re pregnant. Therefore, make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Better still, have him or her prepare a list of drugs that are safe to consume in all situations.

4. You should NOT consume alcohol and cigarettes
A no-brainer, consuming alcohol can lead to birth defects and abnormalities in your baby. The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is often a worst-case scenario, and is characterised by facial malformations, nervous system dysfunctions and organ system malfunction. Smoking, on the other hand, can cause pre-term births, low-weight babies, and even spontaneous abortion!

5. You should NOT expose yourself to toxic substances
Substances like pesticides and paint thinner don’t just have a strong smell, but are incredibly toxic to both yours as well as your fetus’ health. The fumes of some pesticides are so pungent and hazardous that they can cause irreparable abnormalities in your baby. Therefore, avoid passing through areas that contain toxic fumes in the air.

6. You should NOT take stress
The constant pressure of meeting work deadlines and the overall strain of pregnancy can leave you in a lot of stress. This, is not healthy for you as well as your little one. So, try to stay happy, healthy, and work towards reducing as much stress as possible. Listen to music, spend quality time with your partner, and prepare for a healthy delivery ahead.

So, there you have it! These are some critical precautions to be taken during pregnancy. Over all, don’t fret too much, for this is a time you and your partner need to enjoy the most.