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The ultimate fitness guide to avoid weight gain during pregnancy

15 June 17

It’s only natural for would-be mothers to gain a few pounds during the course of nine months. After all, you’re eating for two! However, that doesn’t mean that you have to simply let go of your fitness standards. Make sure that the weighing scale doesn’t nudge much with the help of the following fitness routine:


1. Start pregnancy at a healthy weight

If possible, start your pregnancy at a weight you want to be at. Pregnancy for an already unhealthy body can amount to unnecessary weight gain due to lowered metabolism, flawed eating habits, and a bad lifestyle. Consult your physician to figure out your current Body Mass Index (BMI), and lose weight if necessary.

2. Practice portion control

A would-be mother needs to consume around 350 calories in the first trimester, and 450 calories in the second trimester. With this addition in your daily calorie count, include lots of whole foods, fruits, nuts, and veggies that keep you sated without increasing chances of weight gain. Eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day to promote a faster metabolism, and a fit body.

3. Don’t give into cravings easy

Yes, it’s challenging to give up on an opportunity for a tub of ice cream or French fries. But, transforming your cravings into something more constructive can keep you happy and satiated. A simple way to do this is to combine healthy foods with not-so-healthy options. For instance, you can sprinkle choco chips in your cereal, or eat eggs with tortilla chips. This way, even though you’re indulging in unhealthy eating, you’re also giving your body enough protein and other nutrients.

4. Practice yoga

Yoga for would-be mothers is one of the best ways to keep the weight under control, not to forget that it keeps the mind calm and healthy. Unlike going to the gym, this is a far less strenuous form of exercise, and keeps your body’s blood circulation in check too. Combine this with a simple walking regime, and you’ll burn enough calories through the day to ensure that you don’t gain any extra weight during your pregnancy.

5. Keep fitness priority, always

Keeping fit is not an activity; it’s a lifestyle. You need to keep your fitness goals in mind at all times in order to stay fit as a fiddle throughout your pregnancy. Ensure that you check your weight weekly, create a diet chart after consulting your doctor, and tell your fitness goals to them. This will help you stay on track, and undo any calorie damage you may have done during the course of your pregnancy.

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