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13 April 17

With new technological advancements in the field medicine, especially in that of mother and child care, pregnancy and childbirth have become much safer in nature. Add to the technology a home-like atmosphere, extensive care procedures, and post-natal assistance, an easy birth with minimum risks is the ultimate aim for hospitals.

However, the picture-perfect scenario of childbirth can entail its own crests and troughs. As an expecting couple, even if you pay the most amount of attention, some complications can transform your experience manifold. It is to address those twists that various other methods of childbirth come into picture. Take a look at the different types of deliveries and what they comprise:

Normal pregnancy

The most common type of pregnancy (and also the safest), normal pregnancy incorporates the regular contraction of labor to efface and dilate the cervix soThe Different types of Deliveries and how they are handled as to push the baby out through the birth canal.

It may take hours for the cervix to open in order for the patient to start pushing the baby out. Know that most women go into labour during 38-41 weeks of pregnancy.

Caesarian (C-Section)

In case of a complication that the doctor may inform beforehand, a caesarian operation is done in response. This incorporates a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus to extract the baby. While caesarian operations are done in case of an unforeseen health hurdle, most doctors recommend this in special cases such as the delivery of twins, a large baby, or if the mother has had a caesarian operation previously.

Vaginal Birth after Caesarian

If you’ve had a C-section delivery in the past, a vaginal birth is very much possible for you, given the recent advancements in technology. However, this type of delivery depends on various things, such as how many C-sections you’ve had before or your uterus health. It’s recommended that you consult with your doctor regarding the risks involved, and then consider this method.

Vacuum Extraction

Sometimes, no matter how much the mother pushes, the baby won’t come out. It is to boost that push that vacuum extraction comes to aid. During this procedure, the doctor applies the vacuum to the baby’s head, which helps navigate it and pull it out of the birth canal. Make sure that you’ve chosen a hospital that has all equipment in place in case of such a complication.

Forceps Delivery

Another kind of operative vaginal delivery, a forceps delivery involves the application of forceps (an instrument shaped like salad tongs) to the baby’s head. This helps the baby navigate out of the birth canal with minimum barrier.

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