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08 April 17

When it comes to health, there is no way you compromise. A great hospital provides the most technologically-advanced care along with honest judgment and steps for your little one, so that you can make decisions accordingly. If you’re looking for the best hospital for your child, look no further!

A modern medicare clinic, Oyster & Pearl is a team of care givers dedicated to the mission of providing high-quality and safe healthcare to our patients. With a legacy of 60 years in healthcare, the skilled teams of doctors, nurses and support staff are geared to serve people with exemplary standards in care and treatment. The hospital has 24 years of experience in the field of Pediatrics & Neonatology.

Features & USPs

Among the many features of ONP child specialist care are transport ambulance for children, metabolic testing, wellness tests, a private set up of PICU, large child-friendly pediatric Outpatient Clinics and also, the introduction of “the first health evaluation and lifestyle Therapeutics Clinic” in Pune. With a team of efficient, well trained and experienced doctors and associate surgeons, Oyster & Pearl delivers the best medical care for children.


1.  Pediatric ICU

Older children sometimes need intensive care for illnesses such as severe pneumonia, meningitis, acute asthmatic attack, convulsions, head injury etc. ONP Tulip has a well-equipped state-of–the-art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.). The facilities include 24-hours PICU trained pediatric doctors, all laboratory tests, X rays, and CT scans, 4 Latest generation ventilators {SERVO i} and equipment, and many more.

2. Children’s OPD

ONP offers a gamut of facilities under Children’s OPD, which include daily OPD, a vaccine/immunization clinic, growth and nutrition assessment, sick child OPD, a child psychology clinic, and behavioural assessment, among many others.

3. Pediatric Surgery

ONP understands that children are very delicate, and so the training, professional expertise and skills of our surgeons, coupled with post-operative support of the ICU plays a significant role in providing excellent surgical results and aftercare.

Our surgeons’ key areas of expertise include Kidney problems, Post burn deformities, Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, Bronchoscopical foreign-body removal, VUR (Vesicoureteral reflux), Chronic/Acute Appendicectomy, and many others.

4. Vaccines

Children who do not receive vaccinations may be prone to serious diseases, and therefore, immunization is essential in keeping your child healthy. From BCG to Hep B, PCV and Rotavirus, OnP provides all kinds of vaccination services for your child.

5. Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric Neurology at OnP aims to provide the most technologically advanced and highest quality care for children with a wide range of neurological disorders. Neurology at OnP is unique as a result of access to a broad array of top pediatric sub-specialists and experts for treating neurological disorders in children such as strokes, epilepsy, cerebral palsies, and muscle diseases, among many others.

It is with utmost care and precision that the child specialists in Pune’s Oyster & Pearl provide treatment and guidance. Given the highly experienced doctors with recognized credentials, skilled staff, and a homely atmosphere, what more could one ask for?