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27 January 17

Pregnancy is a unique experience every mother will cherish forever. The joy and anticipation of welcoming your little one in to the world is incomparable. However, have you chosen the right hospital for your delivery? Choosing a hospital where you are comfortable and you are assured of your newborn’s health is of utmost importance. Here are a few pointers that would help you choose the right maternity hospital:

Reputation of the hospital

Start by finding out what kind of a reputation the hospital has in your city. A good hospital attracts patients by:

1. A steady track record

2. The expertise of its doctors

3. The care provided by the support staff

4. Facilities available

Get feedback on the points mentioned by talking to other mothers who have delivered their babies there. Check out the hospital’s official website and the facilities listed out on the site. A general internet search could reveal a lot about the hospital you want to deliver at.

Credentials of the obstetrician

It is important to choose a hospital where reputed obstetricians consult. Regardless of the infrastructure of a hospital, it is of utmost importance that you and your little one are in safe hands. Again, visit the hospital’s website to read up on the profiles of their doctors. Talk to other mothers and understand if they liked their experience with the obstetrician you are about to visit.

Are you comfortable with your obstetrician?

Irrespective of their experience, your comfort levels with your obstetrician is very important. You can gauge your comfort level with your obstetrician within the first few visits. Does your doctor patiently answer all your questions? You obviously want a doctor who is able build your trust and make you feel comfortable in their presence.

Ask for a hospital tour

Although researching on the hospital might be helpful, there’s nothing like it if you could take a tour of the hospital. Schedule a hospital tour and ask in particular for a neonatal intensive care unit, the labour and delivery rooms, the waiting rooms and quality of the equipment used.

You could also prepare a list of questions you have in mind and get them answered by the hospital staff.


It is important that your obstetrician talks to you openly about your pregnancy. Even if there are complications, your obstetrician should be able to handle the situation with confidence and ensure that you and your baby get only the best.

Availability of NICU the hospital

Most deliveries occur without the need for placing the baby in NICUs (Neo natal intensive care unit). However, if you do not want any risks, then always opt for a hospital equipped with NICUs and ICUs. Make sure all the ICUs are state-of-the-art and safe.

Get feedback

It is important that you dedicate a lot of your time in asking questions about your doctor, the hospital, availability of doctors and the facilities of the hospital. A little research can go a long way in keeping you assured during your delivery. Get feedback from various sources like friends, relatives, online support groups and others.

Make it a point to obtain feedback on the doctor, nursing team and hospital in general from various sources like relatives or friends, online feedback etc. and then decide.

Is a 24×7 team available?

In very rare cases, mothers may need emergency help post delivery. You may need support from doctors and other staff during odd hours. In this case, talk to your doctor about their availability. If your doctor is not around, then familiarise yourself with the other doctors who would attend to you in your obstetrician’s absence.

No matter how prepared you are, motherhood can always surprise you! Be prepared always and opt for a hospital that you can blindly trust your wellbeing and your baby’s safety with. If you live in Pune, then you may want to consider ONP Hospitals. With a legacy of 59 years, ONP Hopitals is one of the best maternity hospital in Pune. ONP Hospitals is a protégé of Shree Clinic maternity hospital in Pune.