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10 May 17

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since you and your partner last tried to get pregnant, and now you’re dying to know whether it was successful. The good news is, there is an astonishing number of signs that can confirm the pregnancy. The bad news is, many of those signs can be deceiving! So, here goes a list of definitive signs that you can consider a legitimate part of your all-inclusive pregnancy guide:

#1: Nausea
Feeling queasy early in the morning? That’s morning sickness, and a definitive sign of pregnancy! However, note that morning sickness isn’t just restricted to the morning – you can feel nauseous throughout the day. Fortunately, it subsides as you enter the second semester.

#2: Swollen breasts
If the twins have started feeling a tad bigger, the good news of pregnancy is not too far away. This is because the breasts prepare to produce milk, which is why you may experience an increase in their size as well as sensitivity.

#3: Heightened sense of smell
You can also call it a superpower! A heightened sense of smell can either increase your cravings for certain kind of foods, or totally make you repulse them. All in all, an increased sensitivity towards odours is an absolute sign of successful conception.

#4: Shortness of breath
Feeling fatigued and short of breath all the time? Congratulations! You’re pregnant. The growing foetus inside your body requires enough oxygen, which might be leaving you short. As the baby starts pushing pressure on your diaphragm and lungs, you feel more and more winded up.

#5: Frequent urination 
Can’t sleep through the night without taking a trip to the restroom more than once? It’s a definitive sign of pregnancy. This is because your body produces extra fluids during pregnancy, which works your bladder, and makes it difficult for you to stay without visiting the loo for too long.

#6: Mood swings
Your reactions weren’t this hysterical earlier, were they? Well, if you’ve suddenly become too moody, there’s a high chance that you’re pregnant. However, fret not! Your body is just getting used to the new hormones, and it’ll all be under control soon.

#7: Spotting or bleeding
It may come as a shock to get your period before the cycle, especially when you’re trying to get pregnant. Behold though – it could just be implantation bleeding, wherein, the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, causing some bleeding. If it stops after a few hours, congratulations, you’re absolutely pregnant!

Apart from the afore-mentioned, a pregnancy test is always another way to find out if you’re pregnant. Couple the test up with the above pointers to know if you and your partner are on your way to become happy parents.