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How to deal with postpartum sleeplessness?

18 June 17

Dealing with postpartum or post-birth insomnia is painful – especially for first-time mothers. Here are some measures by which you may alleviate (if not completely do away with) the blues.

  • Calming bedtime routine

Take a warm water bath or play soothing music – simply ‘switch off’ from the world.

  • Share the responsibility

Divide the night routine with your partner or any other secondary caregiver. Work in shifts.

  • Prioritise sleep

Several responsibilities make it difficult but try scheduling your sleep time with your baby.

  • Stay hydrated

Sipping on herbal tea is great, but nothing works like water. Just make a conscious effort.

  • Blue light & white noise

Switch off blue light-emitting gadgets and instead opt for a white noise app or machine to neutralise external sounds.

  • Don’t skip meals & medication

Remember, your responsibilities have increased – so do everything it takes to stay healthy.

  • Talk to an expert

Don’t let it escalate into postpartum depression. Seek help if you sense the symptoms setting in.

We understand it’s a tough time but always remember, patience is key. As your baby’s sleep pattern develops, you will get more time to relax. For now, your baby needs you.