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27 January 17

A lot of us start exercising only when knee pain occurs. Wouldn’t it be much better to start exercising regularly and avoid the pain altogether? Regular exercise helps in reducing pain, quicker recovery and lessens the chances of reoccurrence of a similar problem in the future.

Here are a few exercises you must do to keep your knee healthy & pain-free –

1) Straight leg raises

Lie on your back on the floor or another flat surface.

Bend one knee and place your foot flat on the floor.

Keeping the other leg straight, raise it to the height of the opposite knee. Repeat 10-15 times for three sets.

2)  Prone Straight Leg Raises

Lie on your stomach with your legs straight.

Tighten the muscles in your bottom and the hamstring of one leg, and lift it toward the ceiling.

Hold 3-5 seconds, lower, and repeat. 

3) Wall Squats

Keep your feet on the floor.

Stand with your back against a wall with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

Slowly bend your knees, and keep your back and pelvis against the wall. Hold for 5-10 seconds

Remember, do not bend too deep and adjust your position if you feel any discomfort.

4) Calf Raises

Stand facing the back of a sturdy chair or any other support such as the back of a couch, or a wall bar at the gym.

Slowly raise your heels as high as you can, then lower. Do a few sets of 10.

When it becomes easy, lift one foot slightly off the floor, with all your weight on the other foot.

5) Side Leg Raises

Lie on one side.

Bend the bottom leg for support.

Completely straighten the top leg and raise it to 45 degrees. Hold for 5 seconds, lower and relax briefly, then repeat 10-15 times.

Switch sides and start over.

Keep watching this space for more exercises and effective health and fitness tips.