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Dos and Don’ts for a New Mother

05 April 17

Motherhood can be as exciting as it can be overwhelming and nerve-wrecking. Amidst the perpetual tiredness and constant attention to your new born, it’s only natural to take a wrong step without knowing it. Fret not, for here’s the ultimate list of dos and don’ts that ensure proper postnatal care for mothers who are drowning under stress.


  1. Prep as much as you can before the baby arrives. Keep the nursery ready, stock up on diapers, and assemble all emergency contact numbers in one place. Moreover, stock your kitchen with quick, easy-to-cook meals that don’t take up much of your time.

  2. Your baby needs all your attention, and therefore, do not hesitate to get help. There may be relatives willing to help you during this crucial time or you can seek help of a housekeeper or nannies in first few months.

  3. Follow a healthy, nutritious diet. Now that you have another life to take care of, you need as much stamina and energy to last the day. Stock up on foods rich in iron, calcium and zinc that strengthen your bones and keep you healthy and happy.

  4. Enjoy the little moments. If you’ve become a mother for the first time, consider how important these first few moments of joy are. So, leave the dishes in the sink, let the shelves be a little untidy – there’s nothing quite like watching your baby sleep peacefully or play with toys.


  1. When it comes to post-delivery care, there are thousands of books in the market that can confuse you. Try not to skim through every book that comes your way, and keep only the ones that pique your interest. More information will only confuse you!

  2. Invite your pals and family members every now and then. Staying stuck in a room all day with just your baby can be a little lonely. Keep interactions your priority and let your friends and family give a helping hand every once in a while.

  3. Don’t go back to work right away, especially if you don’t want to. There are many career-oriented mothers who’ve prioritised their motherhood over work. It’s okay to take your time and pay all your attention to your baby.

Above all, stay happy and calm, and enjoy every moment of becoming a mother. Pamper your little one as much as you want, for this period of your life is every bit precious.