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CME on Paediatric Ophthalmology

28 November 17



A half day CME on Paediatric Ophthalmology  was conducted by Dr Tanmayi Dhamankar  at Oyster and Pearl hospital on the 27th of November. The topics were of interest to paediatricians and ophthalmologists alike, and included certain guidelines for paediatricians on how to recognize eye problems in children and when to refer to a paediatric ophthalmologist,  paediatric cataract, new treatments for lazy eye, and unique concepts like vision therapy and visual rehabilitation which are facilities available exclusively at Oyster and Pearl hospitals in Pune. The CME was chaired by Dr Udayan Dixit, a prominent ophthalmologist in Pune and the guest faculty was Dr Suma Ganesh, an eminent paediatric ophthalmogist from Delhi.  The programme was attended by over  50 doctors including senior ophthalmologists and paediatricians and was highly appreciated by one and all. It was mainly aimed at creating awareness about paediatric ophthalmology, so that no child is denied the eye care he deserves.