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Busted: 5 myths about C-Section

23 June 17

The rate at which women are opting for C-Section delivery is on the rise in India and abroad. The myths surrounding Caesareans have put fear in the minds of women. Let’s bust some myths today and dispel all worries.

Myth # 1

No more natural birthing

It isn’t true that once you deliver via C-Section, you won’t be able to experience normal delivery the next time. In fact, about 60% to 80% of women reportedly manage a vaginal birth after a Caesarean.

Myth #2

Only a limited number of C-Sections are allowed

As the number of Caesareans increase, risks such as uterine scarring, bladder and bowel injuries, bleeding, and complications rise. However, there’s no limit to the number of C-Section deliveries for a woman. It varies individually.

Myth #3

The scar will remain

Obstetricians these days are good at making scars as discreet as possible. At first, it appears red and angry (naturally) but over the years it fades, becoming nearly invisible.

Myth #4

You’ll be stuck in the hospital for a longer time

Earlier women were required to stay back in the hospital for a longer period than mothers who had a normal delivery. That, however, is changing. If you have a follow-up care at home, you may be discharged within 24 hours.

Myth #5

A high-risk pregnancy calls for a C-Section

Every pregnancy is unique. Though for the health of the mother and child, complicated pregnancies are best carried out as a caesarean. Having said that, several high-risk pregnancies have also been successful in the normal way.

Though normal deliveries are usually preferred, C-Section is not as frightening or harmful as it is made out to be.