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8 questions you may want to ask your doctor during your first prenatal visit

03 April 17

Congratulations to the new mother-to-be!

When your pregnancy result shows positive, one of the first things you might want to do is to make an appointment with a trusted obstetrician/gynaecologist. You may have a number of questions about yourself and your baby. Don’t you think it is best to go prepared for something that’s as crucial?

Here are 8 possible questions you may want to write down to ask your doctor during your first prenatal visit:

  1. How much weight gain is OK?

Weight gain during pregnancy is a common condition that most women go through. However, how much weight you are allowed to gain (or you need to limit) depends on your body weight before pregnancy. It’s a question you need to ask so you can change your diet accordingly.


2. When do you recommend a foetal heartbeat monitoring?

Some doctors like to check for your baby’s progress early into the pregnancy while some like to wait till the completion of the first trimester. However, it is best to ask so you don’t have to wait wondering.


3. Can I continue with the current medication I am on during pregnancy?

You could be on medication to treat other conditions that you may have before pregnancy. Not all medication and supplements are safe for pregnancy. It is best to check with your doctor what could work and what not during pregnancy.


4. What lifestyle changes do you recommend I make now?

If you did not have a pre-conception visit with your doctor, then make sure you ask your doctor what lifestyle changes you will need to make during pregnancy. Maintaining good health before and during pregnancy will help you during your delivery and recovery.


5. What should I do if I have bleeding or cramps?

Cramping and spotting or bleeding during pregnancy is normal. It is best to keep ready an emergency contact during such occurrences to avoid any panic. Ask your doctor if you may contact her during such times.


6. What is the infrastructure in your hospital like?

Prepare a set of questions to ask your doctor about the way they handle deliveries. How many doctors do they have? How many support staff will be present during the delivery? What about the rooms? Will your baby have emergency care if need be? Will get assistance in taking care of your baby after your delivery? Make sure you get satisfactory answers for all your questions.


7. Are there any more vaccines/medicines I need to know about?

While there are vaccines for newborns, it is safe to keep a tab on other medication you may need during pregnancy. Make sure you ask your doctor about every little detail.


8. How should I deal with morning sickness?

The first trimester is the most challenging with the incessant fatigue and morning sickness. Ask your doctor how to deal with them so you have a smooth pregnancy that you can cherish always.


As a mother, instinct plays a big role on what you and your baby need. You may have a number of questions that need a doctor’s guidance.

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