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10 March 17

Choosing the right doctor is very much like choosing the right life partner. You are, after all, putting your life in their hands. The task becomes even more critical when you’re choosing a medical professional for your little one. Unlike adults, children are gentler and more susceptible to medical concerns. Therefore, zeroing in on the right pediatrician can help take most of your burden off. If you’re on the lookout for a skilled pediatrician in a mother and child care hospital in Pune, here are some attributes of the best of the lot:

1. He or she ensures a great overall experience

If there is one thing that is of great significance in healthcare, it is EXPERIENCE. So, ask yourself: does the doctor have a team to handle any emergency any time? Is the hospital/clinic well-equipped with the infrastructure and human resource needed to help them render excellent medical service? Is the staff nurturing and does it pay attention to detail? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you’ve chosen the right pediatrician! A few other things that contribute to this are strong hospital affiliation, good ratings and reviews that are pretty much the starting points of finding a good pediatrician.

2. He or she is knowledgeable and isn’t afraid to share it

Proceed with full caution if your doctor is not experienced. Research well on their degrees beforehand, and read reviews online. If they’re mostly positive, you can go ahead and trust them!

3. He or she creates a warm, happy environment for your child

No points for guessing – children are scared of hospitals! The needles, stethoscopes and other medical equipment are enough to scare the most daring of children, and so, a doctor that greets your child with warmth and playfulness is definitely a keeper!

4. He or she doesn’t beat around the bush

Agreed, talking medical with your child’s doc is not going to be pleasant. In this case, the last thing you want is the doctor beating around the bush, and not getting straight to the point. Only a skilled professional would confidently tell you the deal with proper diagnosis and results.

5. He or she is flexible

Medical ailments in children have no specific timing of occurring, and what makes matters worse is if your child is too restless and the doctor is not available. Most good pediatricians provide flexible aid and aren’t afraid of assisting patients.

6. And, is also respectful of your timings

In case of emergencies that can’t wait until the next day, you need a medical professional for your child that understands your schedule equally. Honestly, the last thing you want is to squeeze a doctor’s appointment, pick up your child from the school, and struggle to make it in time for the board meeting at work.

7. He or she listens to you and your child

Lastly, the most important aspect of a good pediatrician is their ability to listen to your child’s concerns and not force their knowledge/opinions/expertise. A pediatrician’s ability to acknowledge the child’s fears helps them create an appropriate plan of attack, and make recommendations accordingly.

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