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3 Serious Reasons Men Must See The Urologist!

14 July 17

While there’s much being done about women’s health on various levels, men’s health issues often get neglected in the popular sphere. It is all the more difficult because a majority of men do not prefer to visit specialist doctors for personal health issues. But in recent times, at least in urban cities, men are becoming more aware of the need to discuss and treat genitourinary health issues.

It is important for men to visit the urologist for any abnormality, if left untreated, can turn into life-threatening disease. Listed below, are 3 reasons why men must visit the urologist:


1.    Blood in urine or Hematuria

This is a dreadful sign that must be taken seriously. Blood in urine might be a sign of kidney or bladder cancer. It is advised that urine tests must be done at regular intervals as sometimes hematuria can only be seen under a microscope.


2.    Erectile Dysfunction

This is also a non-negotiable reason to visit the urologist at the earliest. Men must first consult a urologist to check if there are signs of testicular cancer. Only a specialist doctor will be able to address issues regarding failed or deformed genital erection.


3.    Testicular Pain

If the pain persists for more than a couple of days, one must consult the urologist. This can also be a sign of testicular cancer. And, if detected at an early stage, testicular cancer can be cured.


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